The Marcus & Sandy Show's New Years Eve Photos

Happy New Year!! Did you rage on NYE? We sure did... and by rage we mean barely make to midnight, or in bed before 9pm. LOL.

Here's a wrap up of what everyone was up to on New Years eve and New Years day.

Marcus was the only who actually went hard...he was at home making pozole, taught his brother in law how to play blackjack, and then stayed up late by himself playing Madden on PS4

Sandy had the most beautiful NYE out of everyone. She was in Death Valley. She hiked all day, and then barely made it to midnight. She was asleep by 12:05! These pics though!!! Jealous!

Jason was the anti-party on New Years Eve. He spent time with family during the daytime, but was asleep by 9pm? Wow! Didn't even try! LOL.