Pink And Carey Hart Celebrate 14 Years Together!

Congrats to Pink and her hubby Carey Hart who just celebrated their 14-year wedding anniversary! I LOVE what they both wrote to each other, specifically, what HE said. "I’m so proud of the life that we have built together. Both of us came from broken homes, yet we made the choice to work hard at our relationship. And look at us now! Two misfits when we met, we have grown together and now have an amazing family."

She said, "We’ve been at this thing a long time, babe. It isn’t perfect, but I’m grateful it’s ours. I love our family. Thank you for walking in front of me, beside me, and right behind me at times. You’re a real man, Carey Hart."

Together they have 2 kids, Willow Sage and Jameson Moon Hart. Aww!

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)