Sandy's Weekend Pancake FAIL (Pics)

So, I keep seeing all these recipes for awesome pancakes on Instagram. And they look so good, and fluffy, and healthy. "Paleo pumpkin pancakes", "High protein keto pancakes" etc. I was so excited to have a nice Saturday morning where I could pretend I was at brunch somewhere, with my coffee and pancake stack next to me, in my pajamas. IS THAT TOO MUCH FOR A GIRL TO ASK?

I follow this girl, Sara Haven, on IG and have made a lot of her recipes. The one I was trying to follow was "Thick and fluffy banana peanut butter pancakes." I omitted the peanut butter and tried to add pumpkin spice.

Seriously, how shitty do my pancakes look? These turned out HORRIFIC! I don't know where I went wrong. The recipe called for coconut flour, I used almond. It said to heat the pan with butter, I added some ghee. It called for a mashed ripe banana, which I added. I don't have beaters, it thought a spoon would be enough, who knows. All I know is half the batter ended up in the trash can, and the other half I attempted to eat ONLY cause it SORT of looked like a pancake, and I was starving. I don't have a griddle and I'm not buying one. I don't want pancake lessons. I just wanted to vent and show that sometimes...following recipes on Instagram also looks like THIS. 

What's your biggest cooking fail? 

-Sandy (@SandyStec on IG, FB and Twitter)