Pizza Delivery Guy Receives New Car From STRANGER After His Was Stolen!

I shared this story as my "Good News" today because honestly, WHO DOES THIS?? A pizza delivery guy named Rayden Jones, in Michigan, was delivering some pizzas to a local school. As he was coming out of the building, he noticed his car was gone. It was apparently stolen by a woman who was mentally ill.

A few minutes later, a man named Kevin saw that same car swerving on the freeway and take the wrong on-ramp. He decided to call the police and follow the car. The woman eventually hit another car and tried to run off, but Kevin stopped her and made her wait for police. Keep in mind, Kevin is just a dude who was going about his day! When the cops came, and Kevin found out the car belonged to a pizza delivery guy who was now out of a car....he decided to do the ultimate favor. He GAVE him a van. Watch Rayden's reaction below- this is so priceless!!

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

*Photo courtesy of Getty Images