Las Vegas Is Changing It's Slogan?!

Have you heard the news? Las Vegas is officially changing it's slogan from "What happens here, stays here" to "What happens here, only happens here."

Steve Hill, the President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Authority, says the goal is for people to see how Las Vegas has transformed itself into the Entertainment Capitol of the World. (Which is a far stretch from "Sin City", am I right?) While they have delayed the official launch, this is what's next for Vegas. Thoughts?

I love Vegas and go at least 4-5 times a year. No matter what the slogan is, I will continue going. However, I won't lie....I'm old school and love "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." It's kind of smutty and I dig it. Hah! I've included a few of my recent Vegas moments, below.

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*Image courtesy of Getty Images

Meeting Lisa Vanderpump with my bestie, Mari, in Vegas! This was on opening weekend of her restaurant, "Vanderpump Cocktail Garden" in Ceasars Palace.

Over Christmas last year, I visited Fremont Street and decided to take a walk to actually "exercise." (term used loosely.) I FINALLY saw "Gold and Silver Pawn" from the show "Pawn Stars!" Neat experience!

I'm embarrassed posting this but I can't lie: I love a good poolside cocktail. (At Aria, one of my favorite hotels)