Family Reunited With Original VHS Of Baby's First Steps

I love this story so much!! And even though I first thought, "well, who owns a VHS tape anymore??" it's STILL so special to have an original saved memory of your baby's first steps.

A filmmaker named Jim McKay bought a used television from Goodwill as a prop for one of his upcoming projects. As he finished the project, he noticed there was actually a VHS in the VCR, and decided to check it out. When he played the tape, he was stunned: it was an 18-minute tape of a little baby name Tyre, taking his first steps in 1994. He said as soon as he saw the tape, he "fell in love with the family" and knew he needed to return the tape to them.

So, he put it on social was picked up by a local TV station, and Tyre's MOM saw it! Watch the video of the sweet reunion, below, and read more here. Tyre Alexander- the boy in the video, said, "To be able to share that memory in that moment finally with my family and for the first's a treasure."

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Image provided by Getty Images