Producer Jason Back From Parental Leave

After taking one month off, I'm back in studio with Marcus & Sandy!

On the morning January 11th, my second child, a daughter, was born just before 10 AM. My wife was an absolute wonder woman, and the delivery was complication free. Now we have a full house! One two year old boy, and one newborn girl.

To say that the new household dynamic is tough would be an understatement. Having two children is a lot different than having one. My wife and I are equally matched now, so making dinner, running a quick errand, doing the dishes, all feel ten times more difficult. Our son wants to read a book or play with us while the newborn is crying, the kitchen is a mess, and we are on only a few hours of sleep.

All that said, I would not want it any other way. My heart melts when our son talks about how much he wants to kiss his baby sister, and spend time with her. He wakes up every morning asking to see the baby!

Words can not express how much I love my wife, my son, and my daughter. I can't wait to share all the incredible upcoming moments on this journey!