Viral "Shallow" Singer From London Tube Performs On Ellen!

This story brought me SO MUCH JOY! Last week, a woman named Charlotte Awbery was approached at the subway in London by a British comedian, Kevin Freshwater. He was trying to film a video called, "Finish the Lyrics," where he starts singing and obviously, the person he's talking to finishes the lyrics. What he WASN'T prepared for is the VOICE that came out of her mouth!!

Little did he know, Charlotte is a professional singer. He asked her to sing "Shallow" (Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper) and she blew it OUT OF THE WATER. Her Instagram followers went from 4K to 400K. The original video was viewed over 6 million times. And now, she's on Ellen! Watch the amazing interview and performance below....Ellen even gives her a sweet surprise in the end!

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Photo Credit: Getty Images