Nashville Mural "I Believe In Nashville" Still Stands, After Tornadoes!

This is so symbolic for so many reasons! A mural in Nashville was left standing, amidst the damage and destruction of 2 deadly tornadoes that hit early Tuesday morning. It says, "I Believe In Nashville" with the Tennessee flag in the background, and it's obviously giving residents hope in the face of so much anguish. As of now, 25 people have died and almost 50 structures damaged. What I've found comforting is reading is how people have come together SO beautifully, as humans do, in the face of this. My friend Wendell Bigsby, who lives in Nashville and is the lead singer of Bizz And Everyday People, said this on Facebook:

"I must say I'm proud of my city....there were people from all neighborhoods, all colors, all religions and ethnitcities pitching in and helping wherever they could. Food trucks feeding people, restaurants donating food, the Predators opening up Bridgestone for pizza to whoever could get there. Clothing donations, blood, water, diapers. You name it, it was donated. We are a strong city and we are resilient. In the midst of tragedy we overlooked the differences and focused on the similarities. The human spirit is amazing when tested. We will rebuild. Nashville strong!"

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Nashville Mural

Nashville Mural