Pink, Chris Martin, John Legend & Keith Urban Perform "At Home" Concerts

Weird, weird times we're living in.....BUT I'm loving how celebrities and musicians are practicing safe social distancing and entertaining us from their homes. It also gives us a glimpse of who they are as PEOPLE, hanging out with their families, at home. I've posted 4 videos below that I loved!

1) John Legend on the piano with his kids, Luna and Miles, playing along.

2) Pink, singing "To Make You Feel My Love" while playing piano

3) Chris Martin, of Coldplay, doing a solo concert at his piano (and he was so nervous and it was so cute!)

4) Keith Urban put on a 30-minute concert at home with wife Nicole Kidman next to him, dancing.

I absolutely LOVE how people are coming together to comfort, lift up and help their neighbors, family and complete strangers. That is what we're all here on this planet to do! If you have a story or moment to share, find me online and let me know!

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images