Gavin Newsom Announces "Soft Closure" Of State Parks Via Parking Lots

Last night, Governor Gavin Newsom said he is closing parking lots at California's state parks because, simply, people are NOT following social-distancing rules! Last week, the Bay Area was put on a strict Shelter-in-Place order, followed 2 days later by the entire state. This means we must ONLY leave the house for essentials: gas, groceries, health appointments, etc; and only work if we are deemed "essential" employees. We also need to maintain 6 feet of distance from others at ALL times. We can exercise and go outdoors, but must practice social distancing when doing so. (Unless you're with your family whom you live with.)

The problem is Covid-19 is expanding rapidly and we DON'T have enough hospital beds or medical resources to support the incoming number of sick patients. There is a shortage of gloves and N-95 surgical masks. How are the brave people in hospitals supposed to protect themselves?? At the 20:01 mark, Newsom mentions how over the weekend he saw thousands of people gathering at beaches in Malibu, and other areas of California, that were obviously not social distancing. He said, "We are going to substantially advance these soft closures.....but we can't see what we saw over the weekend happen again."

Check out the video below for more details and what this actually means. As of now, the best way to find out what parks are open are on the site Parks.Ca.Gov. Also, check out a message from Snoop Dogg! (Retweeted by Gavin Newsom!)

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image Courtesy of Getty Images