Kelly Clarkson Admits To Using Her Toddler's Potty!

Kelly Clarkson has made me laugh so much trying to deal with this pandemic! (Just like the rest of us!) She just tweeted that the plumbing froze in the cabin they're staying in, in Montana, and "no joke, I just used my toddler's potty! And just like that I have no pride or shame! Each day brings me something I never thought I'd do hahah!"

She's referring to what we're all getting used to right now: being quarantined, social distancing, and trying to make the most of being cooped up at home. She also mentioned, "Well it took a pandemic but I finally started working out again!"


I'm doing super good with my vitamins on the daily, and doing 2-3 days of cardio a week. That should really be 4-5, and it would help if I didn't snack and watch the entire season of "Love Is Blind" on Netflix on the weekend. But SOMETHING has to give....these are trying times. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Please enjoy Kelly's tweets below, and a video of her cooped up in her cabin singing Mariah Carey's "Vanishing." It's STUNNING!

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image Provided By Getty Images