"Covid-19 Easter Bunny" On Lawn As Decoration!

How creative is this? This is actually my Aunt's Easter bunny....she lives in Chandler, Arizona. (She's the reason I love the desert/Southwest!) Every year, for any holiday, she has giant blow-up animals and displays on her front lawn, whether it's a giant turkey for Thanksgiving, or snowman for Christmas. And this year, she really outdid herself by placing a MASK on the Easter Bunny! Note: the "mask" is actually a giant 'pee pad.' (If you have dogs, you know what I'm talking about.) Apparently it's become a hit in her neighborhood and people have even driven by and taken pictures!

So...enjoy! And happy Easter. I'm 38 and asked my parents to still give me a basket on Sunday. (From a distance, of course.)

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)