Utah Family Brings Delicate Arch...To Their Driveway!

So, right off the bat I HAD to look into this story as I'm a HUGE fan of all the beautiful landscapes of Utah. I've been to Canyonlands and and Arches National Parks several times- and the Delicate Arch is a very, very special hike.

So what do you do if you had a trip planned to hike this gorgeous arch, and you're quarantined? You get creative, like this family did in Salt Lake City. Laura Titensor says her family are "big outdoor enthusiasts" and of course, had a big trip to Moab planned where they were all going to hike to the glorious Delicate Arch. Since that's on hold....she decided to get creative. She said, "Well, we're still going canyoneering." And 4 hours later, and over 40 orange colored chalks later, a beautiful chalk work-of-art is now on her driveway. She said, "You can be creative in this time or go explore in a different way with your family."

Check out the art, below! And a personal picture I took of the Delicate Arch last May, when I hiked it on my birthday.

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter.)

Image courtesy of Getty Images