Sandy's Instagram Live Interview With Kelly Clarkson!

I never knew an Instagram Live interview could bring me so MUCH JOY!

Today, I had the pleasure of talking to one of the brightest lights on the planet, Kelly Clarkson. She has a new single out called "I Dare You"- and it's amazing. (We talk about it in the video, but she sang SEVERAL different languages in the song. So impressive!) We also talked about her quarantined cabin life, her first class on the Peleton bike, and her hatred of cooking!

But....the FUNNIEST moment was at the very beginning, where Kelly couldn't figure out how to log onto my IG video. It was ADORABLE. I had just experienced that earlier in the week and the panic is REAL. LOL! Enjoy!

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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