Yes, I Watched Netflix' "Too Hot To Handle." Here Are My Thoughts!

This weekend, I gave into peer pressure and watched the ENTIRE 8-episode series of Netflix "Too Hot To Handle."

If I'm being honest, I didn't really give in- I wanted to watch it. I wanted something mind-numbing so I could forget about all the stress and anxiety I'm going through during the work-week. And the premise seemed vain, and perfect: a bunch of hot people are spending a month in an exotic beach house, and have to NOT bang.


That was actually the funniest part....when the entire cast learned they weren't on a reality show about hot people hooking up. They were "surprised" with rules: no kissing, inappropriate touching, or having sex. If they do, money will be taken away from the $100,000 grand prize. That in itself still seemed shallow, and perfect for I needed. What I DIDN'T expect was for the show to have a slight "moral compass" (albeit a smart-speaker who was monitoring the group at all times, named "Lana") and actually try to TEACH these beautiful people that there is more to life than just ego, and looking hot.

And halfway through the series, you started to see their real personalities come out. Their fears, their strengths, their vulnerability. Tell me why by the end of this series, I was crying on my couch and desperately wanting to find my life partner??

I'm curious if you watched it, what you thought? I still am happy I watched it. It made me wish I was in my 20's and skinnier. My top 2 dudes were David and Sharron. I loved watching Sharron open up, and I think he and Rhonda are adorable together. I don't want to give anything else away in case you haven't seen it....but let me know your thoughts!


Image courtesy of Getty Images