My Dream Hike To Havasupai Falls Was Cancelled

So....yeah. Like many people, one specific trip I had planned for over a year, and looked forward to my ENTIRE adult life, was cancelled this week: my hike to Havasupai Falls, Arizona. I booked this last June, as you have to call a year in advance to stay in the lodge. I waited for 3 hours with a "busy" signal before someone finally picked up and I actually got my booking for June 22nd, 2020.

And here we are.

If you're unfamiliar, these waterfalls are UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous. Blue-green waters, amidst red rock canyons in the middle of the Grand Canyon...there's about 5 or 6 different waterfalls you hike to and you need a permit to be there. It would have been a 30-50 mile hike over a few days, but I was ready for it.

Well, apparently the Universe was not! Like many trips, it was cancelled this week and to be honest, I'm GLAD it was. The town of Supai only has 208 residents....and if one of them got Covid-19, it could wipe out whole town out. My selfish travel desires can wait- their health and safety is #1! I'm very fortunate as they allowed cancellations to rebook for the following year, so next May, I WILL be at the falls....for my 40th birthday! Below is my vision board and hiking gear, and also a pic of the falls on Instagram. Have you had to reschedule anything really important to you?

-Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)