Today Is Harry And Meghan's 2-Year Wedding Anniversary!

Wow- it's already been 2 years! I remember they got married- May 19th, 2018- I was at my mom's house and watched the WHOLE thing on TV. I couldn't wait until they walked out of the castle and had their first kiss! I loved the two of them together and the journey to how they became "Harry and Meghan."

Since then, they've had so many big changes....they welcomed their son, Archie, into the world a year later, and within the last 3 months, they released their titles as senior Royals and moved to Los Angeles. WOW! Below is a video with some highlights from the last couple years and a couple of adorable photos from their wedding day.

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images

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