Runner Completes 19 Marathons In 19 Days For Covid Relief

Wow. My legs hurt just reading about this!

Christian Varley just completed an INCREDIBLE goal: he ran 19 marathons in 19 days- that's 497.8 miles! He also raised $102,000 for Covid-19 relief, specifically going to the Manx Solidarity Fund which supports people in need in Isle of Man where he lives. (a small island between the U.K. and Ireland) What's more impressive was his initial goal was $23,000....he more than quadrupled that!

Watch this amazing video below. He said, "No one could have ever predicted the amount of money we raised, and the support we had. It's been incredible." I LOVE seeing all those people together, cheering him on. I know, in our heart of hearts, this is what we are capable of! As a "former runner" (3 knee surgeries so no more running for me) I can say the best feeling in the world is hearing people cheer for you, and finally, crossing the finish line and getting that medal! (And then having a FAT meal after.)

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images