Sandy Is Riding 100 Miles In Tahoe & Raising Money For PRIDE!

So.....yeah. This is happening!

This weekend, I am riding 100 miles in Lake Tahoe and raising $5,000 for San Francisco Pride. FUN FACT: I was supposed to be hiking in Havasupai Falls in the Grand was a trip I'd looked forward to for TWO YEARS. But then Covid happened...and I think you can pretty much fill in the blank.

So after months of dealing with this pandemic, and being stressed, depressed, exhausted, lonely, etc; I decided to do something positive with my time "off" and get outdoors. Ride my bike. Give myself a crazy goal. AND, since it's Pride month....raise $5,000 for San Francisco Pride. It would have been our 50th Pride Parade this year! There's still a gigantic online celebration but I wanted to do something a little extra because it makes me happy to support such a wonderful cause.

Marcus and I talked about it on the air today- there's a short video below. If you can donate to my fundraiser, PLEASE do!! The link IS HERE. Special thank you to Carolyn Wysinger, Board President of SF Pride, for taking the photo with me!

Thank you so much....and happy Pride!

Sandy (@SandyStec on IG, FB and Twitter)