Is This Dress Way Too Sexy To Wear To A Wedding?

One of the rules of a wedding is that the bride is the most beautiful person at the event. No one up stages the bride. So, what's going on with this outfit then?

Here's some of the reaction to the photo...

Someone is making a STATEMENT with that dress! If I had a body like that I'd dress like that every damn day. However, I feel like she's gotta have some beef with the bride - that dress is way too hot for a wedding
This seems a little inappropriate for a family gathering. You have to dress for the event. It's a nice dress but not the right place to wear it.
I'd be interested to know what the bride, bridal party, and other guests are wearing. While this is much too risqué of a dress for me and my circle, I can see it being the norm for some circles, especially the flashy lifestyle influencer ones