How To Get New iOS 14 On iPhone Right Now Before It's Officially Released

The new iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 14 is set to be released to the public this Fall, but it just hit public beta this week, and that means you can get it right now...if you know how.

It takes a few steps, but I'm going to lay them out right here. I did this yesterday, and it's surprisingly simple.

  1. Back up your iPhone. This is an official release from Apple, but it's still a beta test, and could have some problems. You'll want to safeguard your data, photos, contacts, etc.
  2. Go to the Apple beta program website and sign yourself up
  3. From your iPhone, go to and install
  4. Tap Settings > General > Software Update

From there it will install the new iOS like it has done with updates in the past. Enjoy!