Gorgeous Woman Let Her Gray Hair Grow Out- Now An Instagram Model!

I love this story because I think we ALL struggle with, "Oh shit. Gray hairs. NOW what?" I'm almost 40 and my hairdresser- the last time I saw her in person, like a million years ago, said, "Sandy, hate to say it but I do see some white hairs up there." Thank God I'm blonde so it blends in...

But THIS story is a great reminder that it's OKAY to embrace it. Katrina DiMare, a 51-year-old Mother from Florida, started getting gray hairs at age 19!! She spent over 30 YEARS trying to cover it up- sometimes 3 times a month- until she grew tired of it. Now, she has embraced it and girl is BEAUTIFUL. She even started an Instagram called "Glamorous Aging" where she gives women advice and tips on how to age gracefully. Check out some of her pictures below, and read more about her story here!

Sandy (@SandyStec on IG, FB and Twitter)

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

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