Sandy's Parents Celebrate Their 54th Anniversary!

Can you even believe it? My parents have been married 54 years!

The picture below is from our Alaska cruise last year. My favorite "anniversary memory" was in 2016, for their 50th anniversary- we went to Las Vegas and Elvis renewed their vows! It was so damn fun. I miss the good ol' days, when we could go places and touch people and be normal.

But no mater how hard this year has been, I am SO grateful for my parent's health. They are the two most important people to me in the world. And 54 years?! Who can say that? And a cute story: they met in grade school in Buffalo, New York. My dad sat in front of my mom and always turned around to get the answers from her. They used to nickname him, "Stec, turn around."

I mean can you even?! Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! I know this year we're keeping it low-key, but as soon as we're able, we're partying in Vegas again!


Darling Daughter