Pleasanton Doc Digs Through Landfill To Find Family Heirloom For Patient!

This story is AMAZING as is the subsequent video. It came from our listener Kay in Pleasanton:

"Hi Marcus and Sandy. I have a feel good story that ranks wayyy up there. It's about my son, Bay area raised in Pleasonton, went to college in Montana, then medical school and returned to Bozeman, Montana to raise a faily and work as an orthopedic surgeon. Well, last week there was a terrible plane crash. A 16 year old boy survived. He and the pilot survived, but the boy's dad died at the scene. My son operated on him last week, and somewhere along the way, his bag of personal belongings (which had his Dad's watch in it was lost/thrown out.) When my son heard about this, he finished making his rounds at the hospital, he checked with OR staff, ER staff, etc. and the bag could not be located, so my son took off with his father-in-law and went to the city dump. Three hours later, a miracle occurred. My son found the bag and returned it to the teen. Sincerely, Kay Smith. One proud mama in Pleasanton."

The mom of the 16-year-old posted this video and it is AWESOME. What a great doc!