Watch This Bear Ring This Family's Doorbell Cam

Imagine you are working late inside your home, and you get an alert on your phone that your doorbell cam has been activated. You take a look, and see a gigantic bear!

It happened to someone in Truckee, and the video is amazing. The video description reads...

It was 10 pm and I was still up working. I was chatting with a colleague when I heard the doorbell ring. I was slightly alarmed because we live in a quiet neighborhood. Who could possibly be at my door at this hour? So I went back to work, shrugging it off as a prank. When I heard the doorbell a second time, I sprang up and quickly walked into the living room. My husband was standing there looking confused. We decided to check the doorbell cam before going downstairs to answer the door. We both laughed hysterically when we saw the bears. When we finally opened the door, they were gone. Unfortunately, the video only captured one ring. But it's still pretty funny.