Here Are The Worst Halloween Candies For Your Teeth

I love me some Halloween candy, but I also realize that too much can be detrimental to my health and teeth. Now dentists have revealed the worst offenders when it comes to Halloween candy and tooth decay.

Website The Healthy spoke with Matthew Messina, DDS, spokesperson for the American Dental Association.

"The reason candy is harmful to teeth is that bacteria in your mouth burn the sugar, creating acid as a byproduct... the acid then dissolves tooth enamel, which is what causes cavities."

Here are the worst candies...

Sticky candy: Chewy candies, including taffy and anything gummy, are the worst offenders. They linger in your mouth, which gives them more time to sit and cause tooth decay. Caramels are also very bad because they stick to teeth.

Sour candies: These contain both sugar and acid. Acid breaks down the enamel, which is the hard outer shell that protects your teeth.

Lollipops: These are meant to be enjoyed slowly, making it difficult for your saliva to do its job, which is to wash away the acid to build up in the mouth.

Hard candies: These stick around in your mouth a long time, so your teeth are exposed to sugar for much longer than treats you just chew quickly and swallow.

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