Woman's "Skeleton Strip Club" Decorations Causing Controversy

A Texas woman is in hot water with her Homeowners Association because of her "risque" Halloween decorations.

The scene on Angela Nava's front lawn is a strip club with a skeleton on a stripper pole, a skeleton strip club patron, and dollar bills flying everywhere

Angela's HOA has requested she take the decorations down because they are inappropriate for a family friendly neighborhood. She recently told her local news station Fox 8...

“This is my way of being creative and having an outlet. There’s no harm. I’m not hurting anyone. Just take it easy. It’s only Halloween"

Angela calls her strip club the “Candy Shop” , and says she does it to brighten the mood and keep busy during the pandemic. Since the start of the month she has been adding more to the display , including more strippers, bartenders, and security guards.