Here's How To Get A Free Thanksgiving Dinner From Walmart

Things are tough this year, and Walmart has announced a great program to help you get a free Thanksgiving turkey dinner for your household. The items you can grab for free are...

Butterball turkey breast roast

McCormick gravy, 0.87 oz. pouch

Great Value stuffing mix, 6 oz.

Idahoan mashed potatoes, 8 oz. pouch

Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup, 10.5 oz. can

Great Value cranberry sauce, 14 oz.

Great Value green beans, 12 oz.

Frenchy's crispy fried onions, 2.8 oz.

Coca-Cola, 2 liter bottle

Here's how to get these items for free from Walmart

  1. Download the Ibotta app on your phone or get the browser extension. Click on "Free Thanksgiving Dinner" and follow the instructions on the app to add all nine free Thanksgiving dinner offers to your list at Walmart.
  2. Shop at Walmart in-store with the Ibotta app or link your Walmart pickup and delivery account to shop online with the browser extension.

Click HERE for more info on this great opportunity.

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