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The Top Ten Most Instagrammable Places In The World For 2021

Remember traveling? I miss it SO MUCH. And I'm not sure how things will shake out this year, but....a travel group called Big 7 Travel analyzed Instagram hashtags from around the world, and have predicted the most popular places people will visit this year. Do you plan on going to any of these places? On my personal list, if it's permitted and safe, I want to go to Havasupai Falls (an amazing hike in the Grand Canyon with gorgeous waterfalls!), Mexico, Arizona, Atlantic City, etc. Here's the top 10, below!

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)

Image courtesy of Getty Images



2. The Philippines

3. Paris

4. New York

5. Instanbul

6. Dubai

7. Havana

8. Sydney

9. London

10. Chicago

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