Another UFO Spotted & Photographed In Los Angeles

There has been a ton of UFO sightings lately. A boat load of video and photographer proof. Here's the latest, so of course we need you to weigh in...

According to the story on TMZ...

An eyewitness shot these photos last Saturday while heading south on the 101 Freeway, just outside of Thousand Oaks as she was approaching Westlake Village around sunset. We're told she was on her phone when she saw this thing hovering in the sky, flying in the same direction she was heading ... with a group of lights trailing behind it.

The UFO was captured in three consecutive photos by the driver, and only stayed in the sky a few seconds. TMZ says that they were not able to replicate the images through their own experiments with Photoshop, and a reverse image search turned up nothing.

So, do you believe?

Check out the story right here on TMZ.