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This Instagram Model's Outfit Was Too Sexy To Board Her Flight

Instagram model Isabelle Eleanore was recently told by Australian airline Jetstar that her outfit was too sexy to board her flight. Here's how it went down...

As Isabelle attempted to board her flight on February 1st, she was asked by a flight attendant if she had something to cover up with. Isabelle at the time was wearing ripped jeans and a black crop top.

“She was like 'well, you can't fly with what you're wearing, you can't wear a bikini. And I'm like, 'look - it's not a bikini, it's a top’,” Isabelle told Australian Nine News.

The flight attendant called over other staff members to help Isabelle cover up. Her husband was with her at the time.

"She made us stand aside while she called the rest of the flight deck and the captains at the front looking for something to cover me up with so that I could fly,"

Jetstar staff finally handed Isabelle a yellow vest used by the ground crew. Isabelle shared the incident with her Instagram followers, saying she “publicly shamed and humiliated”

The airline has since apologized for the incident.

“We’ve contacted Isabelle about her recent experience and have apologised for the way the situation was handled,” a Jetstar spokesperson said.

“There was a misunderstanding of what our policy was, and we have reminded our crew of our dress requirements. While we do have basic dress requirements on our flights (ie. shoes), we do not have any policy regarding crop tops.”

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