Sandy Interviews Comedian + Actress Michelle Buteau!

Can I just tell you how PROUD and happy I am for my friend Michelle???

I'm sure you already know of her, or have seen her work. But I met her 15 years ago, as comedians, in her studio apartment in New York City. It was a New Years Eve party and I remember thinking "Damn, this girl is so funny, and so POPULAR!" She had like 20-30 people there (which we laughed about in the video, below) and I couldn't believe she wasn't even worried about the noise. LOL!!

And look at her NOW! I don't even know where to START! First, her full 1-hour comedy special, "Welcome to Beautopia" came out on Netflix last year. In December, she released her first book: "Survival of the Thickest." She's currently filming season 2 of The First Wives Club, AND has a movie coming out later this year, Marry Me, co-staring Jennifer Lopez! On top of that...Michelle is also a proud mother of 2 beautiful twins, Hazel and Otis.

How does she have time to SLEEP? Who knows....but we discuss that, and much more, below. Enjoy! (Warning: ADULT language)

Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter)