Here's What Job You Should Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I'm never sure what to make of these articles telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing based on my astrological sign. On one hand, I go "oh that's crap", and on the other I say "...but I definitely need to read this!" LOL.

So, for what it's worth, here are the jobs you are most suited for based on your astrological sign according to this article.

Aries. Because of your competitiveness and natural bravery, you should be working in sports, sales, the military, or as a reality tv game show contestant.

Taurus. You love luxury and you’re persistent which is why you should be a banker, restaurant owner, interior designer, or architect.

Gemini. Your active mind and creativity as a Gemini would best be suited for writing, politics, journalism, hairdressing, and beautification.

Cancer. Folks that share this empathic star sign would most likely excel as a counselor, life coach, doctor, or cruise ship worker.

Leo. Leos are all natural-born leaders with big ambitions .. they should be working as “anything with ‘Chief’ in the title” or as an influencer.

Virgo. The perfectionists of the astrology community. Virgos should turn their love of details into careers in accounting, pharmacy, engineering, or journalism.

Libra. As you’re most likely an intellectual with a love of balance and harmony, you should be working as a judge, social worker, probation officer, or hairdresser.

Scorpio. Strong and brave, Scorpios love danger. Careers in law enforcement, sex therapy, and politics for this star sign.

Sagittarius. Because of your love of life and never settling, anything to do with tourism would be great for you. Being a veterinarian, driver, or philosopher could also work.

Capricorn. You’re a hard worker and you love security and status. Capricorn should be working as a carpenter, stylist, brand manager, or in real estate.

Aquarius. You want to make the world a better place but you’d prefer to do it solo so look into becoming a pilot, inventor, artist, or astronaut.

Pisces. The mix of creativity and compassion Pisces has made them perfect for work as a poet, actor, private detective, mixologist, or masseuse.