Here Are The "Offensive" Words Scrabble UK Is Considering Banning

Scrabble UK wants to drop a bunch of words that the manufacturer deems offensive. Here is the list of words that Mattel UK wants to officially ban from the game during competitive play...






“The woke brigade is ruining our game,” two-time British Scrabble champ Craig Beevers recently said to The Scottish Sun.

“In Scrabble — as in life — the words we choose matter,” a Mattel exec says. Brett Smitheram, a rep for the Association of British Scrabble Players, said this weekend that words are indeed “being compiled for deletion” by Mattel.

“It’s not the Scrabble associations doing it — more that Mattel has decided it has to be done and are compiling the list themselves,” said Smitheram, who is the 2016 World Scrabble Champion.

“Scrabble associations are left with the choice of accepting the new list or really ceasing to be able to use the name “Scrabble” at all.”

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