Grandmother Sees Terrifying "Demon" Standing Over Children's Bed

Tori McKenzie had noticed that her two year old granddaughter had been talking to...someone, in the middle of the night. She helped her son set up a motion activated camera in the toddlers room, and what they captured is horrifying.

A demon like creature standing over the child's bed.

The image, captured around 3AM, was discovered 4 days after it occurred. The figure is standing inches away from the sleeping 2 year old and her seven-month-old brother Michael , with 'a horn on its head and long claws'.

It was so shocking when I saw it. I had to do a double take.

Tori insists the image isn't fake, and she is seeking help, advise, and just wants to protect her family.

Everybody was asleep, so it couldn't have been my son or his partner. We have still shots of him in there and it looks nothing like that. I know that it's something supernatural... The two-year-old isn't scared of [the figure] and thinks it's her friend, but one night she told it to "go away".

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