This Formerly Homeless Drug Addict Just Made $1 Million On Only Fans

Eliza Rose Watson is a formerly homeless alcoholic and drug addict in the UK who just made over one million dollars on Only Fans. She joined the platform near the end of 2019 after years of substance abuse. She now credits Only Fans with keeping her clean.

She once stole from her mother to feed her addiction. With the help of the site she has paid back her mother everything she took from her.

After graduating from college in 2016, Eliza found quick cash taking modeling gigs. The new found fast cash came along with lots of parties, which lead to cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Eliza admits she would lie, cheat, and steal to fuel her addictions. After reaching rock bottom, she seeked help from AA, and slowly but surely got clean, and took a job as a teacher.

'The job was perfect but I wasn't making enough money. I wanted to be able to pay my mum back the cash I'd stolen from her and others, and be able to stand on my own two feet.'

Then in December 2019 she started her Only Fans page. When the pandemic hit, she says she would spend 16 hours a day working on her account, and the money really started rolling in.

She has since left her teaching job, credits Only Fans for keeping her sane during the pandemic lockdowns, as well as keeping her off drugs.

More on Eliza and her story on DailyMail.

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