Sandy Investigates Moss Beach Distillery- Contacts "The Blue Lady" Ghost!

I will admit- I've always been afraid to investigate ANYTHING paranormal. I want to see a ghost...but I don't. I want to know there's more out there....but I don't. Thankfully, I had a professional (and EXTREMELY caring) team with me to who assisted in the whole thing, and a group of thoughtful and engaging friends to help.

Loyd Auerbach (Parapsychologist) and Mariah, our Medium, joined us at Moss Beach Distillery earlier this month to try and connect with the infamous "Blue Lady" ghost. And she came THROUGH!! It was INSANELY cool to watch Mariah channel her, especially hearing how much she missed Loyd as he's been investigating there for 30+ years now! She also gave me some fashion tips for my hair (no lie), talked about how thankful she was that we were there "because not everyone is kind." Our ENTIRE group had physical sensations, except for me. Of course. LOL

Watch our video, below, describing the history of the "Blue Lady" (who's name we learned was Cate) and moments of from our investigation, below. Special thank you to Bev and the entire staff at Moss Beach Distillery for their hospitality and kindness.

Sandy (@SandyStec)

Loyd Auerbach (@ProfParanormal)

Mariah (@TheParanormalConcierge)

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