Sandy Talks To Captain Sandy From Bravo's "Below Deck Mediterranean!"

Who else watches Bravo's "Below Deck Mediterranean?!" I've been watching it for YEARS.....and I've always wondered how Captain Sandy deals with all the pressure! From managing her crew, to high-maintenance guests, scary weather, etc. We just had a GREAT conversation about all of it (I also asked her what she thinks of "yacht rock") PLUS, she is coming to town on TOUR!

The "Lead-Her-Ship" tour kicks off January 28th, 2022 in Walnut Creek (Hoffman Theater) and visits several major cities in the U.S., including La Jolla's David & Dorothea Garfield Theater on February 6th! This tour is going to be a more personal side of her maritime experience saved her life, life before reality TV, motivational moments and even some music and DJ'ing! To purchase your tickets and learn more, check out Sandy's website at CAPTAINSANDYYAWN.COM.


Sandy (@SandyStec on social media)

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