Tik Tok Helps Woman Find Dream Mystery Man...and His Wife?

A woman on TikTok met who she thought was the man of her dreams while on vacation in Miami.

"In the video — which has sparked a tsunami of more than 4.6 million views — a gleeful Renee, a model and travel blogger, is seen posing knee-deep in the water for pictures when a shirtless man walks up and engages her in seemingly flirty conversation. 

A mini-montage of footage from their chance encounter shows Renee and her anonymous admirer laughing, holding hands and hugging as a remixed version of Mint Condition’s R&B classic “Pretty Brown Eyes” blasts in the post’s background."

“He walked right into the ocean to introduce himself to me,” Renee wrote in the clip’s closed captions, emphasizing her elation with the heart-eyes emoji. 

Her excitement notwithstanding, Renee went on to admit that she’d regrettably lost her happenstance honey’s contact information after theirbrief rendezvous

“I was lit when he gave me his number,” she penned before telling her more than 16,000 followers, “I’m counting on [y’all to find him]. Hopefully he ain’t married!”

Well...turns out he was. The internet found him alright. Renee got a message from his...uh...wife...



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