Sandy Wears Shorts For The First Time In 9 YEARS!

I know I keep talking about my Nashville trip, but it was special to me for MANY reasons. Some of those had nothing to do with actual "traveling" and more to do with personal growth!  Marcus and I talked about it yesterday (listen to audio above) but I've put some bullet points below. I find it really cool that, at 37, I'm finally starting to have a shift in my mindset that I NEVER KNEW WOULD ACTUALLY BE POSSIBLE. This is a shift from self-hate to self-acceptance, patience, self-worth, not settling (in work, relationships, etc) standing up for myself, and starting to incorporate healthier actions in my life. Some of those happened on my vacation, below. : 

* I got out in nature and that was ESSENTIAL! I thought I wanted to get drunk and make out with a cowboy- and I sort of did- (does a waiter count?) but traveling to a waterfall and having that time with myself during the was incredible. 

* I walked every day, a lot. Between walking to and from my hotel, a walking tour, dancing, etc; I walked an average of 10K steps a day. Sometimes I don't even do this back home!

* I ate like crap half the time and DIDN'T beat myself up for it. 

* I brought gym clothes and told myself I was going to workout twice- and I did!

* It was 90 degrees and humid, and I forced myself to buy shorts. This is the first time I've worn shorts in 9 YEARS. I've HATED shorts forever....couldn't fit into them....they usually cut off RIGHT at the fattest part of the thigh, so I decided I was "too fat for shorts." It sucked. But I bit the bullet and found some XL's from Old Navy and JC Penny's and bought them. And I wore them hiking and felt SO FUCKING LIBERATED IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I probably won't wear them "out and about" too often, but I will wear them and not worry about it. 

* I was so happy just being there that I didn't care if I met any guys. I actualy ended up getting 2 guys #'s and it's when I looked the WORST!! once kayaking- I talked to this super cute guy the whole time who invited me out that night BUT I WATCHED SHARK TANK INSTEAD!  The other from my waiter who I actually did go out with the next day. :) But the cool thing was that I honestly didn't care if I saw either one of them at all. I was content and having a great time, regardless of if I met a guy. 

So yeah.....that's some major growth for me! Just thought I'd share. I'm a lot happier nowadays and it's been incredibly liberating.

- Sandy (@SandyStec on FB, IG and Twitter) 

Me, at the most BEAUTIFUL waterfall I've ever been to. Cummins Falls State Park, Cookeville, TN.